Magico has built their brand on a never-compromise mindset and their products speak for themselves. This is a company that isn't afraid to aim high no matter what the cost may be. Their hardware is built or sourced from the very best available, their designs are fully customizable and made with industry-leading materials and feature a range of sound that no other speakers can replicate.




Devialet is a French company which has been shaking up the audio industry the past few years with their product's looks and capabilities. The sound they are able to produce is just as smooth and clean as the design but at the same time carrying the power to keep up with even the most demanding hi-fi systems. 




Amazing AC Distribution, Power Cables and other products.  Shunyata Research products help your system shine.  Multi award winning products including Triton v2, Sigma Power Cables,  Venom PS8, and more! 




We are very excited to have the Focal Sopra No2 available for listening!  Focal creates many great speakers, like the Utopia III, and has now introduced their newest creation, the Sopra.  Similar technologie are found in the Sopra such as the Beryllium tweeter.




Nordost is one of the premier cable brands in the world.  Bright, revealing and precise.